Brazilian Reconstructive treatment, or better known as the Brazilian Blow Wave has transformed how we feel about our hair! Tired of your Frizzy, Unruly hair? The Brazilian Blow Wave is the answer! This is NOT a chemical process that will damage your hair, but rather a reconstructive treatment that will eliminate your Frizzy unruly hair and transform them into dream hair even celebs will envy!  

Our Brazilian is an original straight from Brazil and has a 100 % secure application method.

Brazil Cacau's exclusive formula combines rich natural raw materials and incorporates the latest keratin technology, it reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair eliminating frizz and smoothing the cuticle layer of the hair while providing external protection to every hair strand.

The Process:

The smoothing results are obtained by following 3 important application steps.

1) Anti Residue Shampoo. With a pH 9 (alkaline) this opens the hair shaft so the Brazilian treatment with a  pH 2.8 (acidic) will be effective.

2) A combination of heat from the hair dryer and the flatiron activate the key ingredients, which are infused into the cuticle of the hair.

3) Finally, the deep conditioning mask with it's pH 4.5, equalizes the pH values of the hair. The hair will be straighter, softer, shinier, smoother and frizz-free with instant manageability which will reduce styling time.

Please note that this amazing process takes 2 and a half - 3 hours every 3-6 months to give you the comfort of gorgeous easily managed hair every day.

Please refer to FAQ's page for more info.

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